And The Teachers Day Contest Winners are…


“The influence of a good Teacher can never be erased.”

Every year on September 5, we celebrate Teacher’s Day to show our love and respect towards our teachers. The essence of the day is same, though the celebration style is little Hatke!

Honouring the role of teachers as the beacons of knowledge, we hosted a Teacher’s Day contest on Instagram and Facebook  which was all about solving a quick puzzle as well as sharing and tagging the Teachers with their unique dialogues.  

The entries to the contest were followed by two simple Rules-

  1. Solve the puzzle and comment the answer.
  2. Tag or name your Teacher & comment their Unique Dialogue.

This Contest witnessed the participation of many people who showed their Love towards their Teacher by mentioning their humorous, enlightening, serious or a mix of all dialogues. The responses were so encouraging. We were excited that so many people had so many innovative and interesting stories to share. Some of these are –


  1. Divya Mehta Mandot  – Answer – 22

           Teacher – Puneet Mandot Sir

           Dialogue – “Rakh de is dhibbe ko ab naya nahi aayega.”


  1. Jay Bandwal – Answer – 22

           Teacher – Prabha Sharma Ma’am

           Dialogue – “Padh legi to kisi k same hath felane ki jarurt ni padegi”


  1. Manali Nainani  – Answer – 22

           Teacher – Mrs. Thomas Ma’am

           Dialogue – “Common sense is not so common in common people “


  1. Mudrika Kavdia – Answer – 22

            Teacher – Vinod Menon Sir

            Dialogue – “There is always one silver lining among clouds.”


Like all good things come to an end, the #TeachersDay contest too concluded.  With such an enormous response, the three Best responses were declared as the winners.



The 3 LUCKY WINNERS got the chance to win –

  1. Surprise Dessert from Simply Sweet, Udaipur.
  2. Discount voucher on their next purchase.


The contest not only encouraged people but also made them recall a lot of memories. We are delighted to see everyone’s valuable participation and we give our Heartiest Congratulations to all the Winners.

Stay tuned to the website for more contest alerts!


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