7 Scrumptious Ways to Use Chocolate

Chocolate is itself a feeling and is the best on its own. But at times, you would want more, a lot more of the wondrous CHOCOLATE. Delight your taste buds by stuffing chocolate into everything you possibly can! Imagine melted chocolate flowing throughout your ice cream, or a chocolate caramel slice, or some homemade chocolate bars and what not!!

So, here are the best 7 dazzling things you can make with a block of chocolate.


  • Grate Chocolate and Add to Yoghurt. For an awesome and effortless treat, take some dark chocolate and grate or shave it finely using a knife or peeler on the top of yoghurt. To make your treat a way more interesting, layer the yoghurt with some granola, chocolate shavings, sliced strawberries and bananas in a glass.

  • Make Homemade Chocolate Bars. Transform your love for chocolates by making your personalized rich, indulgent chocolate bars with some healthy fillings of dates, nuts and coconut oil. You can even switch to homemade caramel, nuts and nougat.
  • Bake Double Chocolate Brownies. How can we forget of brownies when talking about chocolate. Delightful, flavorsome brownies. This time when baking brownies add a lil bit of grated chocolate to your brownie mixture. The best possible way to savour the amazing taste of chocolates if by mixing it with your brownie mix.

  • Make Chocolate Coated Pretzels. Pretzels are basically a type of baked bread product which is made from dough mostly baked in a twisted knot shape. Try out some super easy salt pretzels coated in dark chocolate. Dip the pretzels in melted chocolate and set them for some time in the fridge. This sweet snack can prove to be the best gift for food lovers as well as the perfect snack while watching movie.

  • Make Chocolate Ice cream. Make your own rich and creamy chocolate ice cream at home to pamper your love for ice cream and chocolates. Add some nuts, caramel, biscuit pieces or chocolate pieces to enhance the texture and flavours.

  • Make Chocolate Bark. Have you ever tried making a personalized chocolate bark at home? All it requires is melting a block of chocolate and pouring on a baking tray. Add some of your favorite dry ingredients and top it with nuts and raisins or shredded coconut. You can also swirl two different chocolates to create a marbled effect.

  • Bake Choco Chip Cookies. Dreaming of savoring some killer choco chip cookies! You actually don’t need chocolate chips to make your cookies delightful, all you need is a block of chocolate. Chop some chocolate into small pieces and add it to your favorite cookie mixture. Play with different chocolate flavors to add a twist to your cookies. Also, you can add a pinch of salt or caramel chocolate.



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