What are tarts ?

Tarts are baked dishes which has a pastry base with an open top and some filling inside it. This is a type of pastry, usually shortcrust pastry in which the filling can either be sweet or savory. This dish was thought to have either come from a tradition of layered food or to be a product of Medieval pie making. It was firstly used in 1550, 200 years after pies. During this period, it was famous among the nobility and was viewed as a high-cuisine dish. Many modern tarts are made with custards and are usually fruit-based.

Originally, tarts were made with meat fillings which later transformed to sweet tarts and filling tarts which had fruit and custard. The dough is made of flour and thick filling with perpendicular sides.


Varieties of Tarts

  • Bakewell Tarts. This tart was first baked in Great Britain. It consists of jam spread over its base, and filled with a sponge-like, ground almond filling. The crust is often covered with nuts like almonds and peanuts and a half glaze cherry.

  • Butter Tarts. They first originated in Canada. This pastry shell has a perfect filling of butter, sugar, syrup and eggs. Also, these traditional butter tarts are baked with a fine quantity of raisins, pecans or walnuts.

  • Caramel Tarts. Initially, these tarts came to be known in areas of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. Caramel tarts are filled with a caramel filling. These are often topped with ice cream or sprinkled with chocolate.

  • Custard Tarts. These tarts grew significantly from Great Britain and France. This tart is filled with egg custard in a pastry crust. Modern custard tarts are made from eggs, sugar, milk or cream and vanilla, often drizzled with nutmeg.

  • Egg Tarts. This variety of tart is originally found in Macau, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Portugal, Brazil, Britain, and various other Asian countries. This tart is also filled with egg custard and then baked.

  • Manchester Tarts. It was originally found in United Kingdom. This is a form of traditional English baked tart which consists of raspberry jam, with a filling of custard and topped with Maraschino cherry and shavings of coconut. There is also a very common variation which has a layer of thinly sliced bananas under the custard.

  • Lemon Meringue Tarts. This is a very famous variety of tart which consists of lemon curd which does not have cornstarch or flour and contains more lemon juice. Adding lemon curd to the mixture works as butter which gives a smooth and creamy texture.

Relish the best varieties of tarts around the world!!

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